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How many times did you smile/laugh today? Probably you don’t keep the count. But do you remember the last time when you laughed? Was it today? If it’s not today. It means you laughed zero times today, a harsh reality. Take a tiny second now and brought up a tiny smile on your face.

We smile rarely as we get older. Research suggests a kid laughs around 300 times a day whereas an adult does only 20 times, just around 7%. That’s why we even like to spend more time with kids as they remind us to laugh.

Just to…

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Recently, I completed rereading the book Atomic Habits. It is one of those books that need to be read again and again to remind oneself of the principles required to develop a tiny habit.

Atomic means small, derived from the word atom. Do you remember atoms from your chemistry book? Atom is the smallest element of matter. We need to start that small depending on our capabilities.

Habits are developed if you perform the activity consistently. …

If you are an Indian chances are higher that you believe in one or many of the 33 crores God and Goddess. Now since you are grown up and have the freedom to think. Did you ever question do you need to believe in God?

Maybe you didn’t after all you were occupied with something more important. I was having a conversation with Tanay, who has been reading consistently for over 30 days. Most of the religion consider there are Hell and Heaven. If you do a good task, you will go to Heaven else to Hell. However, we have…

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Did you learn from the ongoing second wave in India?

If you haven’t, let me give you some food for thought. First I would like to draw your attention to the eight wonders of the world. The second wave in India showed the compounding effects starting this month i.e. just 3 weeks back. We focus on things only after they become magnificent. By the way, it is easy to say this looking from hindsight. When things are small, the chains are easily broken but we easily ignore them. …

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What is your incentive to share this article?

Until you truly like this article or it helps you gain something you will be willing to share this article within your network. Let’s peek inside the referral show run by most of the applications. On referring those applications you can earn money for instance GPay, Groww, and more. You already have an incentive to earn easy bucks just by sharing the link, why not do that.

Without incentives, people don’t act. Hard to digest but it’s the harsh reality 😄 You have been reading the articles because you might have been…

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During the day I came across an interesting Youtube video by Ray Dalio, where he explained in a nutshell how does economics work. I was intrigued to learn the new stuff. Interestingly, we couldn’t learn such amazing lessons during school days. Let’s be happy at least we are able to learn today😄

“My spending is someone else income and someone else spending is my income” is the main concept I learned. Further, Ray explained the concept of credit. Most of the money in today’s economy is credit money, not the actual money. Suppose you earn 10,000 bucks and considering 10%…

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I failed with my recent experiment of reels on Instagram. I took the approach of sharing the snippets of the articles through the reels. However, while watching a reel, the mindset of viewers is completely different, they need something spicy and entertaining. Additionally, they are used to watching a human being on the side, not the snippets.

At the same time, I was able to figure out an effective way to increase my reach on another social site, Twitter by writing threads there. Just like LinkedIn, Twitter is a wonderful digital place too.

Back to the failed experiment, I need…

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You are already lucky if you are reading this.

It is easy to put blame on a politician but hard to be in a politician’s place. Even if a politician does development, people don’t like the politician for the sake of development. We only like people who make our work easier one way or other. That’s why people prefer corruption instead of going through the whole process as it will be time-consuming and it is not guaranteed even after reaching the final stoppage that your work will get done without any lobbying. At the core, we all are selfish one…

You might have been asked where do you see yourself in 10 or 5 years down the line. Practically no one knows what will happen in the next moment how can we know about the next 5 to 10 years.

What the interviewer is looking for is whether you have any vision or not. People having a long-term vision are considered a great match for the companies especially if their vision matches with the company. I strongly doubt if someone has given an honest answer to being asked this typical question every time.

Let’s keep aside the HR for the…

Every goal you pursue has a potential downside that you often easily overlook. For instance, curing a disabled person, on one hand, gives it a new ray of hope. However on the other hand the person is no longer considered disabled and becomes ineligible for many government facilities.

You might be chasing a goal wholeheartedly and focused completely on that. After achieving the goal you suddenly realize the things that you have missed out on while being on the journey of achieving your goal. Most people lose out on devoting time to a family considering you will have more time…

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