Blaming or Solution

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You are already lucky if you are reading this.

It is easy to put blame on a politician but hard to be in a politician’s place. Even if a politician does development, people don’t like the politician for the sake of development. We only like people who make our work easier one way or other. That’s why people prefer corruption instead of going through the whole process as it will be time-consuming and it is not guaranteed even after reaching the final stoppage that your work will get done without any lobbying. At the core, we all are selfish one way or the other. There is nothing wrong with that. Even the air hostess asks us to put our masks first before helping others.

How about thinking of the ideas of how to solve the current challenge instead of being occupied with whom to blame? It’s rare to find people who are interested to think about the ideas. It is easy to put fingers on others. Additionally, our excuse mind suggests how can we even help by staying indoors. Think with a solution-oriented mind. There are still multiple ways to assist anyone you want to. But the paradox is we are selfish. Thinking about the solution will also put pressure on your brain cells to which you may be not used to. It may create a headache too. After all, blaming is an easy task to do. It helps to kill your most precious asset time.

You can teach, read, write, learn, and more. If you are reading this article you are already privileged as many don’t have this opportunity out there right now.

Until then be productive, develop tiny habits, and help the needy ones!



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