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2 min readMar 27, 2021


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I had a fruitful discussion with Abhash and Dhruv today. I connected with those guys through the slack community, ajvc. Thanks to Aviral for setting up such an amazing community.

The discussion revolved around content. Both Abhash and Dhruv has been into podcast and newsletter. They discussed a variety of podcasts and newsletters they have been consuming. Abhash has been heading the marketing side of the product at Springrole and consumes a lot of content through videos, podcasts, and articles. Lately, he has been turning himself into a producer too. Being into Venture Capital, Dhruv’s work rotates around reading a lot about the business worlds and what’s new into the specifics sectors of his interest. I am the kind of person who still prefers books. I do watch youtube but very specific ones. In the age of podcasts, I am someone who doesn’t follow any of the podcasters.

In the information age, there is such a vast of content out there. All of us have been striving to have an optimum match of the taste. We keep on feeding our brains with newer content. The content rewires our brain and we continue to form a newer perspective.

There are no such generalized best ways for content consumption. You are free to choose what works for you. But you may need to struggle to figure out your optimum way. Recently one of my close friends shifted to books from videos as he was unable to gain any more in-depth knowledge in his domain of interest. It reminds me of the jam study, we discussed nine months back. We fall into the trap of the choice paradox of what to choose and what to leave. Leaving something isn’t an easy thing for humans. We want to have everything though we don’t utilize them.

By the way, how does one figure out the best content for oneself? I too don’t have a perfectly blended answer for that. If you have please let us know. That’s it for the day.

Cheers to the cohort member for successfully building consistency day by day with the baby steps!!!

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