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I have been posting on LinkedIn for over a month now. Every time before posting I scroll through the feed and mostly I came across the posts either from Akshat or Pavan or Ayushi. Their posts give me a newer perspective. Askhat’s and Pavan’s posts are mostly on career enhancement, describing how to analyze the career paths and strongly move ahead. After all one has to walk his own path. They even have exciting venture Cases over coffee, assisting young minds to gain industry insights especially in the field of Management Consulting. A few weeks back one of Akshat’s posts struck me and thereafter I have been writing on LinkedIn consistently.

Ayushi’s posts were eye-opener on government jobs and on finance. She is a Deputy Director at the Indian Ministry of Finance. She too has been writing consistently over LinkedIn. I was able to closely related to one of her posts, where she briefed that she typed and deleted her posts as she was striving for perfection.

I am thankful to you people for consistently sharing quality thoughts, aspiring young generation. When we continue to read quality thoughts our brain gets rewired and starts thinking on a similar pattern in the longer run. It won’t happen instantly in a day or two. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Atomic steps are underestimated in the digital age. As we move ahead in the virtual world, we crave more for instant results. Time to observe the tiny success we have every day.

Cheers to the cohort member for successfully building consistency day by day with the baby steps!!!

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Here to ignite curiosity and help you develop lifelong habits..

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Igniting Curiosity

Igniting Curiosity

Here to ignite curiosity and help you develop lifelong habits..

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