Day 89:) When was the last time ____________?

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The virus is likely to stay here for more couple of months. We will still be quarantined, just going out to buy the essential item or to do work for earning the bread. All people don’t have the luxury to work from home. Though, we complain work from home turns out to be more work.

Being at home we are sitting, eating, watching, working and sleeping in a cycle. Few of us are doing physical activity regularly. We all know the benefits, but they don’t aspire us to do things. Let’s take Jacob’s route. To put in Jacob, the great mathematician, words, “Invert always invert”. Most of the complex problems in world are solved easily from the backward way.

What happens when we don’t do any physical activity for a longer period?

According to a research of University of Liverpool, just 2 weeks of inactivity can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and possible premature death. However, if you don’t want to live longer you obviously on the correct path of just sleeping, eating, and watching in a cycle. As you progress in the cycle, you become more breathless as you do less activity. If you continue longer, the day won’t be far when you will need help of others even to do the simple tasks. The body will be used to inactivity as it is the new comfort zone and it will resist doing any physical activity. You won’t have the stamina any longer that you had may be 2–3 months back.

May be now you play the blame game as we have covid19 and cannot do yoga or walking. But in your death bed you can’t play the game anymore, in case you forgot Steve Jobs last speech have a look here.

One of my sporty friends has been walking 10K steps regularly during the lockdown period. Hats off to him. “Where’s there a will there’s a way”

Completing the blank, When was the last time you did physical activity regularly for months?



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