Deep-sea creatures

Are you interested in swimming? Maybe you are but sadly during these tough times, we can’t swim. But it’s a great opportunity to know more about underwater creatures. I knew nothing about the deep sea creatures until today.

The deep-sea creatures live below the photic zone. Wondering what’s the photic zone? The photic zone or sunlit zone is the uppermost zone of the water body that receives sunlight. Since the deep-sea creatures strive below the sunlit zone, the conditions for survival are pretty harsh. There is a very low amount of oxygen, no sunlight, little food, hundreds of bars of pressure, and constant extreme coldness. Even with these harsh conditions they have survived and evolved continuously.

Though there is a lack of sun rays deep down the water, these creatures are blessed with other traits. They have very large eyes with retinas. With evolution they developed a strong sense of smell to detect the chemicals released by mates, making it easier to find the mates. Some of the deep-sea animals have already become extinct, especially the ones you see below.

What ignited me to read about these oceanic creatures is a topic for another day.

Until then…

Read more about the oceanic creatures and share your thoughts with us!



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Igniting Curiosity

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