Do I fail?

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I failed with my recent experiment of reels on Instagram. I took the approach of sharing the snippets of the articles through the reels. However, while watching a reel, the mindset of viewers is completely different, they need something spicy and entertaining. Additionally, they are used to watching a human being on the side, not the snippets.

At the same time, I was able to figure out an effective way to increase my reach on another social site, Twitter by writing threads there. Just like LinkedIn, Twitter is a wonderful digital place too.

Back to the failed experiment, I need to figure what could be other ways to experiment with the reels. One could be, me recording the videos and uploads there. However, I have been thinking about alternatives. We don’t know the other possibilities until we think. Additionally, it must be easily doable and must be completed within 10 minutes.

Until we figure it out keep thinking…!



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Igniting Curiosity

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