Do you believe in God?

If you are an Indian chances are higher that you believe in one or many of the 33 crores God and Goddess. Now since you are grown up and have the freedom to think. Did you ever question do you need to believe in God?

Maybe you didn’t after all you were occupied with something more important. I was having a conversation with Tanay, who has been reading consistently for over 30 days. Most of the religion consider there are Hell and Heaven. If you do a good task, you will go to Heaven else to Hell. However, we have been evolving the definition of the good task altogether. Just as ancient people used to laugh at the concept of selling water.

Society considers many things right but they may be morally incorrect. With evolution, we keep changing the definition of what’s correct and incorrect. At times we end up changing the meaning altogether. Suppose the time now is 9:59 pm but most of us will speak 10:00 pm and we will happily accept that there is nothing wrong as such. We have evolved to consider minor error as nothing wrong and morally correct. It’s a debatable topic. The time is tending towards 10 pm might be more appropriate version. But you are free to use what works for you. Your thoughts?



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