Do you want to be a 🌳?

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A tree lives its life selflessly. Apart from providing valuable eatables, tt provides us significant element oxygen. However, we rarely care about it. The way we care about the precious smart device in our hands. Even after living for decades, we use the leftover wood for other purposes. There are so many uses of the tree. Still, we are so selfish 😄

If the tree just as wifi gave a 5G speed would you be planting one or cutting one?

We value things after we lose them. We keep running for things that we don’t have. That’s an irony of being a human 😅 There are numerous people in our lives who act like a tree. They help us selflessly and when times come we turn our back just as we do to trees.

All of us know we need oxygen for our survival but very few of us are interested to plant more trees or care for the existing ones, why so? It’s the same as having limited time on this planet but it seems as having an ample amount of time, is it so?

In the past, people used to laugh at the concept of buying drinking water. We aren’t far away when we will be buying oxygen for daily usage. Then there will be premium oxygen and many more just to target different segments.

Back to square one, be someones 🌳…

Cheers to the cohort member for successfully building consistency day by day with the baby steps!!!

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