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What is your incentive to share this article?

Until you truly like this article or it helps you gain something you will be willing to share this article within your network. Let’s peek inside the referral show run by most of the applications. On referring those applications you can earn money for instance GPay, Groww, and more. You already have an incentive to earn easy bucks just by sharing the link, why not do that.

Without incentives, people don’t act. Hard to digest but it’s the harsh reality 😄 You have been reading the articles because you might have been gaining something that’s your incentive.

Most of the applications in today’s technology-driven world are incentive-driven. If you can figure out any application without incentive and making a huge pool of money that would be a billion-dollar victory for you.

There’s always a hidden incentive in every act you perform in your day-to-day life. Being aware of that incentive is a bit hard. Please like this post to have your hidden incentive.



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Igniting Curiosity

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