The other side of a Goal

Every goal you pursue has a potential downside that you often easily overlook. For instance, curing a disabled person, on one hand, gives it a new ray of hope. However on the other hand the person is no longer considered disabled and becomes ineligible for many government facilities.

You might be chasing a goal wholeheartedly and focused completely on that. After achieving the goal you suddenly realize the things that you have missed out on while being on the journey of achieving your goal. Most people lose out on devoting time to a family considering you will have more time in the future which is completely uncertain. You never know when you take your last breath and phew leave this planet. Many are so focused on the outcome that they forget to enjoy the ride and began to burn out after reaching the top. Just a healthy reminder you have limited time on this planet.

You might be wondering what’s wrong if you don’t enjoy the ride. There is nothing wrong with that apart from becoming unhealthy. When you don’t laugh or walk and just sit tirelessly in front of the screen for long hours, it just prepares your body to be lethargic. If you are good with being lethargic, you are free to continue. But if you want to create a balance and develop tiny habits of laughing you can do that too. Unfortunately, the choice is completely yours 😄 and you can’t put a blame on anything or anyone.

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance to develop a tiny habit.



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