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Back in time, Trump predicted that the news rating would “tank if I’m not there”. Probably, he has been proven right at least for this prediction. There has been a huge decline in some renowned newspapers in the post Trump era. For instance, The Washington Post’s unique visitors declined by 26% from January to February. The New York Times lost around 17%.

Most American’s were excited to know what next step would be taken by Donald. He even actively used Twitter to share his view. The same phenomenon is currently being displayed by Narendra Modi too. Many Indians have become politically active and interested in the news since Modi took the reign. Do these leaders have a spark in them to draw viewership?

What could be the reason that we are attracted to one personality and are mute to another one?

Would love to know your thoughts on it!

Here to ignite curiosity and help you develop lifelong habits..

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Igniting Curiosity

Igniting Curiosity

Here to ignite curiosity and help you develop lifelong habits..

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