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2 min readApr 10, 2021


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How many times did you smile/laugh today? Probably you don’t keep the count. But do you remember the last time when you laughed? Was it today? If it’s not today. It means you laughed zero times today, a harsh reality. Take a tiny second now and brought up a tiny smile on your face.

We smile rarely as we get older. Research suggests a kid laughs around 300 times a day whereas an adult does only 20 times, just around 7%. That’s why we even like to spend more time with kids as they remind us to laugh.

Just to laugh we watch comedy shows. Standup comedy has grown to great heights and helping us to stay healthy too. But do we really need something to laugh or smile at? Is it possible to laugh without anything?

You might be wondering how’s it possible to laugh without any reason. Well, what does make you pass a smile when someone greets you with a smiling face? The other person passed a smile without any reason and you passed back. That’s our natural tendency and we smiling without any materialistic reason or joke.

India has the highest depression rate. WHO estimated that 1 out of 7 Indians faces mental health issues. Moreover, India is ranked 139 out of 149 countries in the happiness index of 2021. Both of these are interlinked.

Just to remind you the best time to learn swimming is not while drowning. Today is the best day to start laughing and stay healthy. If you want to develop the habit of happiness, please DM us and we will discuss from thereon.

Until then stay happy 😄

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